Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business


What are your social media strategy goals? This is probably the most important question you should ask, because each channel offers different results. For example, if you want to increase brand awareness or improve lead generation, Facebook is hard to beat. However, if you want to connect with other professionals and influencers, you may want…

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How To Attract More Local Fans To Your Facebook Page


Facebook is a good platform of the social media, on which you can attract market your products or services, therefore needing more fans to spread the word to.  Having your Facebook page is a great for your business. It is a fertile place to grow a community of loyal friends and customers who are excited…

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3 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Engagement Starting Today

increase facebook fans locally

Our social media identity is very important to the people we engage with.  We represent ourselves and our products. Therefore, it is of great importance that that image augers well with our customers.  As we market our services and products out there, it is important create and maintain a reputable outlook. What steps are you…

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Here’s How Connecting Customers Through Social Media Will Make YOU Become a Local Hero

Why Connecting With Your Customers through Social Media Will Help You Become a Local Hero

Marketing your business requires a lot of effort which may turn out to be a costly affair. Many traders can assure you that the challenges they come across first as a beginner is reaching out to your potential customers and retaining them. As a beginner you value each cent you put in your business so…

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