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Social Media Marketing - How Your Missing Out on Thousands of Dollars Every Month

So here's the big conversation everyone is having about Social Media Marketing. Targeted ads, user behavior, which platform brings the most conversions for optimal sales, blah blah blah. Here's the deal.

There's a difference between Social Media Marketing and Social Media Advertising, and there are some overlying features of doing both. Here's a quick one liner in the difference between the two:

Social Media Advertising is paid.
Social Media Marketing is basically free.

Now obviously when you advertise on social media platforms, you are marketing. But if you're using these platforms for marketing purposes and haven't bought ads, then that's what you're doing - marketing. Some may say that your using these platforms to put up free ads. But technically by definition, ads are a PAID FORM of driving traffic to your business.

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So here's the deal. What we do at EntrepreNEW is a formulated mix of both, depending on your market and your overall vision/goal as a business. We believe in ads, but we believe more in targeted free marketing strategies so that you don't look spammy on people's newsfeed and home page. Now since we do believe in using ads, we use very strategic approaches so that your specific ad is eye-catchy and doesn't look like someone trying to just sell another product.

Isn't that the amazing science and psychology of sales? When consumers buy something but they feel they got the better end of the stick AND feel good to turn over their cash into your hands. That's how our ad and marketing strategies work, and it works very well. But specifically for this page that your on, the marketing strategies that we use on social media sites help in organic growth and high conversions. Let's get you playing on some of the biggest platforms so that you can engage with past customers and potential clients today.

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